Simon has apparently been trying to work both Mike and I for a week and we only just discovered it yesterday.

When Leo was born, we moved Simon to his big boy room.  He got to pick whatever he wanted to decorate the room.  He picked Star Wars.  So we painted the room in Yoda colors – a nice green and khaki – you know, so it didn’t look too crazy and he could actually grow into it?  We got him a Death Star night light/mini planetarium thing that lights up his ceiling.  He has a telescope in there that he got for Christmas.  And his grandma bought him Star Wars wall decals of characters from the movies that are holding glow-in-the-dark light sabers.  All cool stuff.

Well, on Sunday, as Simon and I were driving to Costco (LOVE) he said to me, “Mom, I was thinking.”

That usually doesn’t end well for me.  This child, at 4 years old, thinks altogether TOO MUCH for my liking.

“What were you thinking about, buddy?”

“I think that my Star Wars room is SO COOL that you and daddy should get to have it.  And then I”ll take the flower room.”

(The flower room is our new master bedroom…the only thing with flowers on it is our bedspread.)

“Really, Simon?  That is really nice of you, but Daddy and I really like our flower room.  I think we’ll stay there.  But thank you for being such a nice boy.”

And, nothing.

Why would a kid want this bedroom?

Yesterday, when Mike and I were talking, I discovered that Simon had asked him last week if there was any way Mike could break through his closet wall and put a door there leading to the bathroom.  He apparently wants an en suite bath, because walking the two steps out of his bedroom into the bathroom is too much for him.  And apparently Mike shut down that idea pretty quickly.

That’s when I realized just how smart and sneaky Simon actually is.  He wants our bathroom.  He doesn’t love us so much that he wants us to have the cool room.  He’s just being very creatively selfish, by appearing unselfish and kind.  If this kid doesn’t grow up to be a politician, I’ll be shocked.