I took an unintended vacation from the blog. And from my personal email. And from Twitter. And from Pinterest. And from TV. All because I was reading a really bad, but completely ADDICTING series of books you may have heard of? Fifty Shades….hmmmm? Yes. I read the series twice. In the last couple of weeks. And went up north. To relax from the books. I have been VERY busy. But here I am. Back at it.

Here is your funny:


I like this particular photo because both of my children have decided in the last couple of weeks that SCREAMING at the top of their lungs is a good way to get my attention. I am not sure HOW they came to this conclusion and when I find out, I will light that person on fire and put a stick in their eye, but in the meantime, I feel validated that it’s not just my children.

And for your bonus funny, comes this gem:

Ich liebe dich!

Thanks to those of you who have told me in the last couple of weeks how much you missed my blog. I’m touched. And not in a Fifty Shades way. Just, you know, the normal way.