…I will be shocked. Following are the top five reasons that make me believe Simon is destined to be an Academy Award winner:

1.  He directs his pre-school class in scenes from Star Wars.

2.  He claims to have been abducted by aliens. In his sleep.  (SWEAR)

3.  He has yiayia convinced he’s depressed. (Because he doesn’t eat enough.)

4.  He tells me, on occasion, that I break his heart and that it can never be fixed.

5. Whenever I ask him to eat something he doesn’t want to, instead of just saying no, like any other child would, he drops to the floor, sobbing and clutching his stomach as though I’ve asked him to eat poison.

And when he’s really angry with me, he tells me he will NOT take me as his date to the Academy Awards ceremony.  Boo for me.

Happy Monday to all!

But when he’s happy…

He's Happy!