Hello my blogopals! I know this will surprise you, but one of the boys is sick. What is that, I say? HOW is that POSSIBLE? My children are never sick. Bah. I wish that were true.

I came to the realization yesterday that we are always fighting off something in my house. I can’t decide if my house is the germ factory, or if it’s day care, or if it’s just kids in general, but something is always up with one of them. And I really hate it when they’re sick, it’s the worst. I would rather feel crappy than have any of them, Mike included, be sick.

This is a list of what we’ve had THIS YEAR. I’m not kidding. And I swear I bathe my children. I SWEAR. Just ask them. One of Leo’s first words was “bath” and Simon’s favorite place in the house is the bathroom, as evidenced by this post. So there.

Anyway, our afflictions since January 2012, not in order:

1. Croup – Leo

2. Bronchitis – Leo, Mike, Voula

3. Scarlet Fever – Simon

4. Roseola – Leo

5. Hand, Foot, and Mouth – Leo

6. Sinus Infection – Voula

7. Allergies (unconfirmed, but suspected) – Leo, Simon, Voula

8. Flu (-like symptoms)- Mike, Voula

I jinxed myself over the holidays when I was telling someone how lucky we were that we didn’t really get sick that much (except for my sinus issues.) Rrrriiiiiight. Last time you’ll be hearing me talk that nonsense.

After some investigating, I came to the realization that the main difference between Leo and Simon here, is that Simon never put anything in his mouth. I didn’t uave to childproof a darn thing in my house when he was a baby. He just didn’t try to eat anything. Leo, however, must examine everything. Food, toys, paper, Simon’s kitchen utensils, his own feet, et. al. It just goes right in. Including germs.

This means they will have super human immune systems when they get to school, right? Please? I should stop before I jinx it again. Anyway, more from me once the baby is feeling better. Ta ta!