Hump Day Funny.2, America’s Birthday Edition


Happy Belated Birthday, America!  I skipped the second Hump Day Funny, because I was welcoming my new niece into the world!  Yay, new niece!  First one on my side of the family.

Before I get to the funny, I want to share with you that Mike and I really thought we chose good names for the boys.  Ones that wouldn’t have a lot of opportunities to elicit teasing, etc.  I’m sorry to all you Richards, Harrys, and Reginas out there.  Your names are funny.  I will laugh at you…not because of you, but because of your name.  Well, first I will laugh at your name.  Then, who knows?  So, buck up and be cool…or I will laugh at you, too.

Anyway, over the years a few nicknames have surfaced, but yesterday’s took the cake.  Mike started calling the baby Leotard.  And Leotard starting calling the big one Hymen.  Oy.  Hymen and Leotard.  Really?  It sounds like a future BAD film short or something.  “The Awesome Adventures of Hymen and Leotard.”  Maybe I should change the blog name.  Maybe you should STOP, because I am NOT DOING that.  Now, PLEASE, just forget it.  Next time you see my kids, please just call them Simon and Leo.  Thank you.

And, as promised, your funny:

This is very timely for me, because for the last few days, Leotard (I couldn’t resist), has been waking up and keeping us up most of the night.  Not crying, not fussy, just awake.  For no reason.  Except to torture us.  And make us want to remember it, so we can pay him back when he is a teenager.  Which makes me tired.  Again.


Hump Day Funny

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