The Simon Dictionary

This page will be used to track all of the words Simon creates. It will likely be updated regularly.

1. Momatic [MAHM – uh – tic] (see this post) – a mom who’s a lunatic.

2. Puddly [PUD-lee] – when there are lots of puddles outside during and after a rainstorm

3. Goodly [GUHD-lee] – how the nice bus driver shows you where to sit on the bus, as opposed to the other one, who slaps the seat. “She taps the seat goodly.”

4. Ninjaisher [NIN-juh-ISH-er] – to be more like a ninja. “Mom, can’t you drum that more ninjaisher? I need a better sound to fight to.”

5. Momitor [MAHM-i-ter] – The object that moms listen to at night to hear if the baby is crying. “Mom, did you hear Leo in the momitor, at all? Because he kept me up all night!”

6. Sideward [SIDE-werd] – Can be used synonymously with the word “sideways.” “I can do the crab sideward AND backward.”

7. Creactivity [cree-ac-TIV-ity] – Being actively creative. “I used good creactivity when I drew that Batman picture, didn’t I?”


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