I love lazy Saturdays. We don’t get nearly enough of them. The day consisted of two runs (one each for Mike and me), a trip to Meijer, and a new addictive iPad game.

Seriously, if you haven’t played DragonVale yet, DO NOT START! It is so addictive. Simon and I have been playing all day and I find myself pushing him out of the way to play. So, once again, 2012 will not be my year for “Mother of the Year.” Perhaps I will try harder in 2013.

The best things that happened today are:

1. Simon ate his first “four chin” cookie. Ha ha ha! He thought it was the weirdest name, but that they tasted good. And he was confused as to why there was a fortune in a four chin cookie.

2. Leo ate avocado and Cheerios for dinner.

3. Tom vs Tim in the ultimate battle of hot vs holy.