Guess who’s back…back again…

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Test? Test, test, testing one…

Anyone still out there?

[drops mic]


Recipe sharing

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Leo woke up talking about corn dogs. The exact first thing he said when he opened his eyes was, “Mom, do you know how they make corn dogs? First they put a hot dog on a stick and then they dip it in corn. Then they grill it in some fried water.”

(That was the point where I lost it and started laughing. He kept going.)

“What?! Is that not right? But I saw it on tv!”

“Leo, are you hungry?”

“I don’t think so. But I was dreaming about corn dogs.  So maybe.”

We’ll see

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We’ll see in a couple of weeks for whom he smiles brighter, the professional school picture photographers or his μαμα. 😉  

Ruby = 

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Life is difficult when you’re the princess of the house. Your loyal subjects won’t leave you alone. 


Halloween again

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It’s getting to the time of year where all we talk about as a family is Halloween costumes (and the cider mill.) Simon has no costume ideas this year and is not happy about it. Several months ago, he mentioned wanting to be the Phantom of the Opera, but he got over that. 

Instead, now LEO wants to be the Phantom. He has no idea who the Phantom is or what he does. So Simon filled him in. 

“The Phanton lives in the old theater and ruins all the musicals.”

I’d say that about sums it up. Ha!

Career change?


Leo started to ask Mike about what he did for work. Then we started talking about my work. I started to tell him, and almost instantly, he interrupted me and said, “Oh! I thought you ran a ferris wheel!”  And he was serious. 

Scary bedtime story

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The most horrifying thing just happened to me. I will tell you about it in the form of a scary story…tis the season and all. 

One night, a still kind of youngish pre-middle aged mom laid down to go to sleep really early (because she has the sleep needs of a preschooler). She was trying to clear her head of everything – kids, work, papers, reading, soccer, etc. This all was scary enough! But it was at that moment that she realized that exactly TEN YEARS from now, Simon would be in COLLEGE…THE HORROR! The disbelief! The agony!

[and then she cried herself to sleep]

The End. 

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