Many of you know that Mike (the wonderful man I am lucky to be married to) is a runner.  He wasn’t always a runner.  In fact, he has only recently (the last three years or so) taken up running seriously.  When Simon was about 9 months old, Mike, who was what I considered “normal chubby”, but not really “overweight”, decided he was uncomfortable with his weight and didn’t want to die of a heart attack at 50 like his father did and leave Simon without a dad.  (This was clearly long before Leo, but I’m sure that applies to him, as well.)

So, he started doing the things we’re all supposed to do: eat right and move his body.  He chose running….actually, I am starting to believe that running chose him.  I say this because he didn’t just start running for health, I mean, he did, but it’s more now.  In the 70 pounds he’s lost, he’s gained A LOT MORE…speed (he just ran a 5K in 19.29 minutes), contentment – most of the time (he is not nearly as grumpy as he used to be!) and not to overdo it on the cheesiness, a whole new outlook on people and life, in general.  He has started listening to the Dalai Lama speak (via YouTube)…I have told him he is really coming into his hippie-ness.

Today something remarkable happened and I asked him if I could share it with you.  He is running his first marathon on Sunday.  Can you imagine?  For those who have accomplished this feat, ROCK ON.  Good for you.  For those, like me, who run 3 to 5 miles, BARELY, and can’t actually imagine doing more, it’s AMAZING.  Anyway, this was the text I got from Mike about 30 minutes ago (direct quote):

“Met with a customer today at 11.  He’s in his early 70’s.  Former runner.  He tells me he has had a lung transplant.  Wishes he could still run.  I tell him how I run and am running a marathon on Sunday.  As I am leaving, having delivered the news that his son needs to move his loan to save his cash flow because of partner issues, otherwise we will sue him on all debts…He asks me one thing.  ‘Will you please, even if for a minute only, think of me, right when you are getting into the *zone*.  Run one mile for me.’

This man will die within the next 5 years because of his incurable lung disease (non cancer.)  I gave him bad news, and the only thing he could think of was to have me run a mile for him.  He said he would think about me running on Sunday.  Try to imagine it was him.

I almost broke down.  Didn’t, but wanted to.  Somewhere, there is a God.  He is a runner.  I have to believe he is.  Why else would he make runners so sick in the head, that when you are dying of an incurable disease that has robbed you of your one great joy, that the only thing you want is one more mile.

I am sure I will [think about him] about mile 13.  It is as if it was meant to be.  The whole time I was training for me.  I never knew why.  Maybe I do now.  I was thinking that when I am done, of sending him my bib or giving him my medal and just saying thanks.”

Good luck on Sunday, sweetie.  I love you.  🙂  I am blessed.