Hump Day Funny 3. Back from vacation.


I took an unintended vacation from the blog. And from my personal email. And from Twitter. And from Pinterest. And from TV. All because I was reading a really bad, but completely ADDICTING series of books you may have heard of? Fifty Shades….hmmmm? Yes. I read the series twice. In the last couple of weeks. And went up north. To relax from the books. I have been VERY busy. But here I am. Back at it.

Here is your funny:


I like this particular photo because both of my children have decided in the last couple of weeks that SCREAMING at the top of their lungs is a good way to get my attention. I am not sure HOW they came to this conclusion and when I find out, I will light that person on fire and put a stick in their eye, but in the meantime, I feel validated that it’s not just my children.

And for your bonus funny, comes this gem:

Ich liebe dich!

Thanks to those of you who have told me in the last couple of weeks how much you missed my blog. I’m touched. And not in a Fifty Shades way. Just, you know, the normal way.


Who needs a brain when you have an iPhone?


I have learned three new things about Simon this week:

1. He would rather go to the museum than to Disney World.

2. He doesn’t have to remember anything because the iPhone will remember it for him.

3. Instead of food in his lunch box, he would rather unzip it and find me, so we can hang out.